Alvi Armani hair transplants offer a unique approach to hairline design. Everyone's face differs, no two hairlines are equal. It is not simply designing a new hairline, but actually requires restructuring around someone's entire facial area according to individual characteristics. Patient's age and ethnic background also decide hairline placement on the scalp.


Alvi Armani takes great pride in ensuring each donor follicle is perfectly placed, bringing together a complete unit of natural flowing hair. Positioning of individual grafts varying thousands of angles holds great importance into mimicking nature's irregular growth patterns.Dedication to excellence while truly delivering undetectable results introduces a new era in hair restoration procedures.


Temple angle closure possesses a high degree of difficulty within the hair transplant industry. Only professional skilled hair restoration physicians should perform the procedure. A particular issue involves angling each hair along the hairline connecting it to the side brow. Individual hairs have slight forward and side angling, producing continuous natural looking hair, appearing seamlessly unnoticeable. Alvi Armani duplicates natural temple angle regions restoring youthful authentic appearances using artistic methods displaying natural looking temple angles.



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